Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance and emergency repair services keep your products in working order.

You have made an investment in a product, one of ours, or even one of our competitors. Consequently, you would expect that investment to last and not need to be replaced before it has fully given you a usage return. Any product comes with ownership responsibilities. Any product with moving parts, from an operable partition to your car, must be maintained and adjusted to ensure safe, optimal operation. Maxson will help ensure you see the full return on your investment through our planned maintenance programs based on the recommendations of each product manufacturer. Reach out and we will help develop a program that meets your needs, even for our competitors’ products!

24/7/365 Emergency Repair

When there’s a problem with your products, our expert service crews are always on-hand with the critical parts and quick response you need to get your products back in service no matter the day or time.

Credits for a Cause

As the fight against Covid 19 continues in health care facilities across the country, Maxson is partnering with Samaritan's Purse and their on going emergency response. They are specifically providing field hospitals to the two hardest hit areas of our country (New York) and the world (Italy). Maxson will donate $15 per registrant to any of our webinars to Samaritan's Purse.

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