Custom fire & life safety, space management, and environmental & security solutions across the Carolinas and Georgia. See how we handle complicated, challenging installs.

Creativity Fuels Design

There’s no challenge we love more than figuring out how to give you the space you want when it seems impossible. We combine our unmatched experience with the latest industry techniques and products to create custom solutions for your needs.

Credits for a Cause

We appreciate the attendance since our webinar series began and are thrilled to let you know the total donation to Samaritans purse for April, May, and June's Credits for a Cause totaled $11,640.00!

Considering the economic impact the virus has had on the country, and the incredibly toll unemployment has taken on family incomes across the US, for July Maxson will be partnering with Feeding America and their fight against hunger across the county. Feeding America has food bank locations throughout our region that support people struggling to provide food for their families.

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