Total Door Hold Open Lobby Door Area Separation Doors on Hold Open Cross Corridor Total Doors

Total Door Integrated Door System

Fully integrated and engineered by Total Door, these doors are the complete package.

The Open Aesthetic You Want, The Protection You Need

The Total Door protects from fire and smoke while blending in to surrounding aesthetics.

The Total Door System is the Definition of Integration

The Total Door includes the complete engineering and integration of all hardware components to provide a complete assembly.  Every component is engineered by Total Door to seamlessly package flush panic bars, pull handles, locking channels, closer arms, and many more into clean, smooth functioning package per the requirements of a given opening.  The hardware is built into the door itself, which allows the Total Door to have minimal surface mounted elements and a clean aesthetic.

The doors are tested and labeled for their smoke and fire rated protection as a complete assembly.  Compared to your average hollow metal swing door, which is an amalgam various hardware and door panel manufacturers parts all tested separately for their rated protection, Total Door tests the final assembly you depend on to protect your facility.

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