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Vertical coiling environmental and security solutions.

For Security, Thermal Control, and Functional Openings, Cookson Has A Solution to A Variety of Opening Needs

Cookson has long been an industry leader developing solutions to solve a variety of facility needs from a rolling door platform. From service doors, insulated service doors, rolling grilles, to their new high-performance line of products – Cookson has a variety of ways to secure and seal an opening depending on your needs.

Coiling Doors

Their standard coiling doors provide excellent security and durability for interior and exterior openings. The Thermiser Max model meets IECC, ASHRAE 90.12, and California’s Title 24 air infiltration requirements, independently tested to be less than .3 CFM/FT2, an energy performance criterion previously unheard of from an insulated rolling door. Unique features include a thermal break in the guides and a rubber and double brush “sandwiched” lintel seal.

Rolling Grilles

For security, Cookson has developed several classes of rolling grilles to meet increasing security demands. From industry standard low usage light security models to heavy duty high security and to high performance / usage models like the Extreme 300 Grille, Cookson can be trusted to secure your facility when 24/7 security is important.

Extreme 300 Microcoil Grille

For openings that don’t require ventilation or vision through the door opening but require a high volume of usage, such as 24/7 security, parking garages, or environmental separation applications, Cookson has developed a high-performance line of solid slat non-insulated and insulated doors. Extreme 300 series service doors accommodate the need for high cycle operations and are also perfect for applications with limited headroom, such as parking garages, which are required to meet
the 8’2” clear opening minimum height as stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

All Extreme 300 rolling grilles and service doors provide a 300,000-lifecycle design that also opens twice as fast as conventional rolling doors and grilles. If a solid slat door with 2.5 times higher operating cycles, higher speed, and longer life is desired, the Extreme 1024 provides 1,000,000 lifecycles and the ability to have insulated slats for thermal separation.

The CrossingGuard

The CrossingGuard corridor security application model specifically addresses the building code requirement of providing emergency egress through a corridor secured by rolling grille. The grille automatically retracts to clear the path for emergency egress thanks to an innovative locking system that secures the grille when closed but can instantly unlock to raise the grille so building occupants can egress as required by the International Building Code.

SteelWeave Grille

If you are looking for a security solution that does not look like a standard grille, the SteelWeave grille will provide a truly unique look. SteelWeave’s curtain is composed of woven steel in five different patterns and appearance. Now your grille can secure your openings AND be a part of the beauty of the space.