Smoke Guard

Fabric curtains to control the spread of smoke in a variety of openings.

The Open Aesthetic You Want, The Protection You Need

Protecting building occupants from the #1 danger in a fire: Smoke

Elevator Smoke Protection and Rated Fabric Opening Protectives

Smoke Guard utilizes flexible materials as their platform for opening protectives, targeting the control of smoke as their main focus. The vertical penetration of an elevator shaft and the subsequent code requirement to protect the openings to the shaft on upper floors is where the product was born. Invented by an architect who was tired of options available to him at the time (Elevator Lobbies and Accordion Fire Doors creating a lobby), he realized the elevator doors are always fire rated by code requirement and that all a lobby and its swing doors provided was an area to contain smoke and prevent it from spreading beyond the lobby. Smoke Guard was developed as the smoke protective to seal the elevator opening itself to take the place of the lobby. Since that time, Smoke Guard has developed a variety of vertical coiling options to control smoke in applications such as atriums in concert with smoke evacuation systems.

Eliminate Elevator Lobbies

The Smoke Guard Elevator product provides UL1784 smoke protection to the shaft opening, which, along with the fire rated elevator doors, completely protects the shaft opening from smoke and fire. Together, the product eliminates the need for elevator lobbies, allowing the square footage and construction cost of the lobby to be allocated elsewhere.

Protect Your Perimeter, Barrier-Free

Smoke Guard’s M4000 perimeter protective system is a unique vertically stacking accordion fire door that provides smoke and fire protection from above without depending on fixed vertical posts and guides like standard overhead coiling doors. The result is a barrier-free, fully protected open area when the curtain is stored. Irregular balcony/mezzanine edges are another great application for this product.

Save on Evacuation System Costs with Vertically Coiling Curtains

Smoke Guard’s vertically coiling curtains are a great option to control the passage of smoke through smoke compartments or in applications like the edge of an atrium to shrink the amount of air the smoke evacuation system must pull out of the atrium. The product creates major savings in the cost of the evacuation system, often reducing its required capacity by half or greater. This savings justifies the cost of the rated fabric curtain, plus additional savings.