Flexible solutions to meet the needs of your ever-changing space.

Versatile and Flexible Spaces to Meet Your Needs

The industry’s leading provider and innovator of space management solutions.

Modernfold excels at the point of client experience and field acoustic performance. While the rest of the industry has been finding ways to make aging technology cheaper, Modernfold has focused on elevating the user operation experience and enhancing the field division of sound.

From the industry’s best operable acoustical panel system, the Encore, to the independently acoustically tested glass Acousti-Clear System, Modernfold has a variety of options to meet your acoustical needs. In addition, Modernfold’s Glass Wall Systems pair hardware from their parent company, Dorma, with their own innovative Smart Track systems to deliver a reliable and easy to operate complete glass system with maximum visual glass where acoustics are not as critical.

The apex of their drive to improve the ease of using the product, Modernfold has developed and continues to expand a great offering of fully automated operable partitions.


Their Encore automated system is a massive improvement over traditional automatic operable partitions, eliminating the acoustic deficiencies traditional automated systems experience (as offered by their competitors who have not updated their technology).


The Comfortdrive system is the future of automation. Utilizing self-driving individual panels as well as remote and flexible panel storage locations, the possible configurations and layouts are virtually unlimited. The Comfortdrive system originated by driving Glass Wall System panels and is expanding to drive the Acousti-Clear panel system soon.

Nearly Endless Finish Options

Modernfold’s standard finish options are extremely varied as well, matching and adding to a variety of visual elements. Here are a few of the options available:

  • Vinyl Wall Covering (by Koroseal and Versa Designed Surfaces, standard)
  • Carpet (by Shaw, standard)
  • Fabric (by DesignTex, standard)
  • Primed for Field Painting
  • Wilsonart Laminate
  • Customer’s Own Material (they apply the fabric or vinyl of your choosing outside of their standard offering to the panels in the factory)
  • Uncovered for Field Application of Material
  • Graphically Printed Murals
  • Real Wood Veneer or Cloth-Backed Wood Veneer
  • Interlam Textured Patterns
  • Chemetal
  • Rigidized Metals
  • Custom Art Glass
  • Switch Glass
  • Acrylic Inserts

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