High speed steel and fabric doors built to run at the speed of your facility.

Reliable Solutions to Keep Operations Moving

High speed fabric and steel doors ready to move at your speed.

When the Door is Needed Fast: Hormann’s Security and Environmental Closures

Hormann moves fast! Whether an exterior door needs to quickly secure an opening or block the loss of air conditioning or heat or prevent air transfer from one building section to the next, Hormann has developed a multifaceted line for all industries.

Speed Guardian Door

The Speed Guardian Door represents the industry’s best solid slat or glazed insulated slat high speed door with the highest R-Value available. The door can be stored as a coiled spiral behind the opening or can roll back into the room as needed. If the need is security, environmental, and visibility, this is the best door for the application. Door speeds are up to 80” per second opening, and 20” per second closing.

Steel Ranger

The Steel Ranger is a modified overhead coiling high speed door that serves as an excellent lower cost alternative to the Speed Guardian. The slats are specially curved to efficiently overlap each other while still operating at speeds of 45” per second opening, 20” per second closing.

Fabric Options

Hormann’s fabric options are custom-built to each facility type they serve. Whether the opening is interior, exterior, set up for clean rooms, food processing, or even blocking in cool air in coolers, Hormann has a fabric high speed option to help control air movement while allowing foot and vehicle traffic to efficiently move through the openings.


Credits for a Cause

As the fight against Covid 19 continues in health care facilities across the country, Maxson is partnering with Samaritan's Purse and their on going emergency response. They are specifically providing field hospitals to the two hardest hit areas of our country (New York) and the world (Italy). Maxson will donate $15 per registrant to any of our webinars to Samaritan's Purse.

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