Modern Custom Vertical lifting Doors To Maximize Connectivity.


Proprietary Arc-3D Driven Operation to Maximize the Visual Opening.


Bring the Outside In Without Sacrificing Thermal Separation: All Models Use a Thermally Broken Panel System


Turn-Key Solutions, Professionally Installed.

Maximize Opening Aesthetics with Vertical Lift Solutions

Transform your home, office, restaurant, or building to instantly open interior or exterior walls and blend spaces with the push of a button.

The DoorWall System represents the latest technology in vertically operating opening solutions utilizing the cleanest aesthetic in the market to maximize the visual opening and architectural appeal.

The Revolutionary ARC-3D Drive System:

DoorWall utilizes a direct drive motor system, connected with a proprietary, and mostly importantly compact drive system, that raises and lowers the door without hydraulic pumps, huge actuator arms, cables and pulleys, or counterweights.  The result is 21″ only and 7 1/2″ of jamb side room required, leaving the visual opening clear and clean.

Three Models to Choose From:


The DoorWall Solo leaves the full door panel as one undivided panel and lifting it vertically into storage above the opening.  This model is ideal when there is enough headroom above the opening to raise the panel, or the goal is to pull the door upward and out of view.


The DoorWall Duo model folds its central door panel in half, and stores both halves flat under lentil.  This model is recommended for openings where vertical space is limited as the panels store under lentil in the opening.


The DoorWall Quad model segments the panel into 2′-0″ sections (like a traditional glass sectional door), but instead of rolling the sections up the wall or back into the building interior, they fold and stack like an accordion behind the opening.  The result solves ceiling and architectural element conflicts that traditional sectional doors impose.

True Thermally Broken Panels

DoorWall constructs their panels with true thermal breaks to prevent the transfer of exterior heat or cold via the conductive metals of non-thermally broken glazing captures and panel frame.  The result is industry leading energy ratings.

Always Turnkey

All DoorWall Systems are furnished turnkey – DoorWall provides the door, finishing, and the cladding materials specified as a complete system.  Maxson will take care of the installation and be there to service the doors for the long run.   With Maxson acting as the dedicated DoorWall distributor, you do not have to worry about issues with warranty coverage, finger pointing from bad installation, or unaccountable service providers who do not have a long term commitment to the manufacturer.  We have you covered!

Compact Jamb and Side Room Clearances

Door Wall’s drive system removed large and obstructive counter weight assemblies, hydraulic hoses
and actuator arms, and cables/pulleys from the backside of the door to give you a cleaner, open

Finish Options:
  • Standard DoorWall Kynar Selections
  • Custom Match Kynar
  • Clear Anodized
  • Metallic and Textured Color Treatments
  • Customizable Color Formulations
  • Wood Cladding
  • Performance Metals
  • Stone / Stucco / Masonry
  • Custom Cladding Material Integration – As Per Project Requirements


Safety Features:
  • 3-Part Redundant Fail-Safe Brake System – Proactive Prevention of Section Collapse
  • Auto-Stop Motor Function
  • Integrated Load-Lock Fall Protection
  • Auto Stop / Reverse Safety Bottom Edge
  • Obstruction Sensing Photo Eye
  • Optional Light Curtain Safety System


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