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by Maxson Associates|September 29, 2021

Since our founding in 1976, Maxson and Associates has always strived to build a product mix using the industry leaders with the most advanced innovations and capabilities.  Even before that, 20 years prior our founder, Max Maxson, operated in the construction industry as an architectural product representative with his business partner as the Maxson-Betts Company (since 1956).  As a result, service, coordination, and a quality finished experience for owners is ingrained in our DNA and a crucial part of our longevity.   Our desire is to take our client’s vision, apply and supply the right products, and transform that vision into safe, flexible, spaces.

Interior Glass or Solid, Operable or Demountable – Our flexible solutions have you covered

After years of searching, we believe we finally have the best mix of fixed and operable systems for interior options. Our longest standing partnership with Modernfold delivers operable, horizontally acting options with their industry leading innovations and technology. Flexible rooms that can be reconfigured daily depending on the needs of the space.

Whether dealing with glass panels, solid panels, automated panels, or manual panels, Modernfold’s quality and capability has no equal in the industry.  While their competition has done everything from reduce product construction strength to moving production to Mexico to cut costs, Modernfold consistently invests in improvement of their U.S. manufactured product and strives for an elevated customer experience.

Foto: © Gonçalo Madeira


The product that has completed our offering to allow Maxson to become a full interiors solution provider is Line Systems.  Their product is best used in situations where flexibility is not needed daily, or monthly, but reserved to times when the interior needs to be restructured and remolded to account for internal changes without requiring a ton of disruptive and messy construction to get there.

Run a cost comparison here: most owners will require some form of modification in an office interior within 5-10 years – the cost of Line System’s demountable offering, including power and net work cabling built into their relocatable PA-100 panels, will be comparable to the hard costs of demolition, construction, and permitting, not to mention the soft costs of facility shut down during construction balancing two leases at once while the construction project runs its schedule.

Other interior spaces, where flexible operation is desired, but floor space does not permit a horizontally acting system to leave panels, or a free flowing aesthetic is desired when open, Renlita offers an excellent option of both manual or automated solutions.  Glass is by and large their most popular finish option, however, we have worked with solid options attached to the door structure using wood, metal panels, acrylic panels – anything we can attach to the steel frame!  The product is truly a Custom Opening Solution.

Raydoor represents a good options for situations where lighter panels, that do not necessarily require an STC rating can be utilized.  Space separation, sight division, and security are all instances where we have utilized this product.  The platform is an acrylic core with either a real wood frame, or laminated frame, which gives the product an excellent level of aesthetic appeal!

Exterior Openings Provide Flexible Connections to the Outside World

Conceptually, so we have discussed flexibility in building interiors.  However, incorporating the benefits and feel of the exterior environment into the interior has become extremely popular and another area we strive to help!

Renlita again delivers with great options for vertically lifting exterior solutions as large as the huge door we installed at the Railyard in Charlotte above, to smaller manually operated windows installed at Suffolk Punch Brewery – custom opening solutions on the exterior of the building can really set a space apart.

If the vertical lift platform does not fit the available space, wall construction, or budget of a project, then we at Maxson would recommend Euro-Wall and their horizontally acting exterior glass walls.

While they may not carry the name of the industries most recognized exterior operable partition (who will remain nameless here), Eurowall continually invests in engineering their product to improve sizing capacity, longevity, and quality.  Maxson could partner with the other company, but we choose not to – name recognition does not always equate to good customer service and great products after all!

All in all, with the options we have reviewed today, our hope is the products have opened up an idea or an option you would recommend to your owners to help them maximize the usability and flexibility of their spaces.  We consider our company’s expertise and products to be an asset to your design and offer options as a true partner to improve the experience of our mutual clients.  We only went through our most popular options in this edition – let us know how we can help and if you would like more information on any of our product options!

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