Line Systems Introduces New Demountable Partitions

by Maxson Associates|April 15, 2021

Maxson and Associates have joined the Line Systems team!  Line Systems offers an impressive selection of TRUE demountable partitions in four main categories based on the performance and aesthetic needs of a space.   We are excited to expand our product offering to become a full service space management solutions provider!

Line Systems acoustically tests all parts of their system as a full assembly.  Frames, glass, swing doors, and sliding doors were all a part of the testing process to better predict the acoustical performance in the field.

Glass Skin

Line System’s highest performing acoustical system, with glass set over the panel frames to have an edge to edge glass profile.  With sound ratings up to 50 STC, the Glass Skin is an excellent option where acoustical separation is the priority.

Glass Slim U

If the aesthetic goal is maximum glass, and acoustics are not as critical, the Glass Slim model is the best choice.  Using a single pane of glass, the vertical edges are joined with an ultra clear acoustical seals that allow the Glass Slim to achieve a sound rating up to 40 STC.

Glass Acoustic

The Glass Acoustic model takes the same frameless look as the Glass Slim, but doubles the glass profile to provide a boosted level of acoustical performance with tested levels up to 47 STC.  Both the Glass Slim and the Glass Acoustic can utilize sliding entry doors; the Glass Acoustic is unique in its ability to allow the sliding panel to slide between the two panes of glass to provide a streamlined aesthetic.


The last model available from Line Systems is their PA-100, which serves as the technical work horse for all their systems.  The PA-100 solid panels can house power and information cabling, serve as mounting surfaces for door signs, card readers, and/or meeting scheduling displays.  Glass panels from the PA-100 can incorporate elements like blinds.

All of Line Systems models can be used interchangeably, interconnected and blended as needed.  One of their biggest strengths is the ease of installation: Line Systems has developed proprietary attachments and clips to snap together their components as a TRUE demountable.  Initial install is easier and faster for Maxson, but these easy connections will also make reconfiguration for the owner easy as well as the demountable shift and mold to the changing needs of their office.

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