Unconventional Thinking Is Where We Start.

Spaces that change as often as your needs.

Safety & Attractive Design, Combined.

Tough on fire, easy on the eyes.

Safe Flexible Spaces®

Our mission is to provide an unmatched experience and support for our clients to transform their spaces through safe, flexible solutions.

Fire & Life Safety

Keeping your building safe does not mean compromising looks. Our fire and smoke containment solutions are inconspicuous and effective. See how we can protect the openness of your design.

Space Management

Maximize every square foot with our Space Management Solutions.

Building Environment and Logistics

Check out our options to boost facility productivity and effectiveness.

Dedication to Excellence

360-Degree Service

360-Degree Service

From the first design of your project though installation to long after your space is complete, our aim is to provide dedicated service that gives you unshakeable confidence in the reliability and longevity of your product solutions.

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Best In Class Products

Best In Class Products

We only work with the industry leaders of each product segment we represent to ensure the solution we install is innovative and the highest quality on the market.

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Leading Solutions

Leading Solutions

There’s no challenge we love more than figuring out how to give you the space you want, even when it seems impossible. You bring your vision; we’ll bring it to life.

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Maxson Associates

Peace of Mind

At Maxson, our aim is to make the world a safer place one space at a time. Partnering with us, you’ll never have to worry about whether your space is safe enough to meet code compliance, flexible enough for all your changing needs, built to last, or installed with care. It’s all of that and more—every product, every time.

Credits for a Cause

We appreciate the attendance since our webinar series began and are thrilled to let you know the total donation to Samaritans purse for April, May, and June's Credits for a Cause totaled $11,640.00!

Considering the economic impact the virus has had on the country, and the incredibly toll unemployment has taken on family incomes across the US, for July Maxson will be partnering with Feeding America and their fight against hunger across the county. Feeding America has food bank locations throughout our region that support people struggling to provide food for their families.

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