Syntegra Integrated Hollow Metal Doors

Integrated Doors by Design

The Open Aesthetic You Want, The Protection You Need

Aesthetically pleasing and single source swing doors.

Integrated Hollow Metal Doors That Stand Out by Not Standing Out

Syntegra has developed an innovative and extremely robust hardware set that is integrated into the door panel. Panic bars, lever handles, push plates, and closer arms are all built into the structure of the door, allowing a smooth recessed aesthetic. There are two ways to approach swing doors: acquire a door panel, then assemble 100 different door parts built by several different manufacturers, surface apply that bulk of material to the door panel and provide multiple warranties per hardware item. Or, acquire the complete system, designed and built to work together like a fine-tuned machine, from one source and deliver a more visually appealing door with one warranty.
Smoke and fire rated integrated doors are labeled as a complete assembly compared to only rated, separate components on a conventional hollow metal door.

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