Renlita Custom Opening Solutions

Vertical lifting, counterweight balanced, turnkey & custom engineered solutions for your opening needs.

Versatile and Flexible Spaces to Meet Your Needs

Vertically acting doors custom engineered for each opening, and delivered turn key from a single source.

Custom Opening Solutions

Renlita views each opening as a blank canvas: from the layout of the structure to the cladding material, each element can be shaped to fit the vision for the opening. Renlita has three main classes of product: The S-series steel doors, model A-750 aluminum doors, and the Sovereign Door.

Always Turnkey

Everything Renlita provides is furnished turnkey – Renlita provides the door, powder coating, and the cladding materials specified as a complete system. They have also designed and developed their Renlita Electric Direct Drive Motor (REDD) to be paired with all automatically operating doors. The REDD motor is custom-built to effectively power the operation of all their models, complete with pressure sensitive technology smart enough to detect if the door is closing onto an object or person.

Lower Opening Preparation Cost

Renlita’s structure is specifically designed to reduce opening preparation cost with a jamb supported design. All the structural loads sit on the jambs as a deadload, eliminating the need for a massive lentil support beam. Renlita’s competitors largely are lentil supported and cantilever the weight of the door perpendicular to the lentil when open; the result is an extensively more expensive opening preparation cost to support the weight of the door.

S-Series: The Most Versatile Solution

The S-Series doors represent Renlita’s most versatile in both sizing, cladding, and layout capacity.

+Largest Size Capacity
The S-3000 has the largest size capacity covering a maximum opening of 90’-0” w x 30’-0” h. The S-1000 and S-2000 have smaller opening maximum sizes (30’-0” w x 20’-0” h) but can be configured to be flush with surrounding wall finishes. The S-500 model is unique in that it can store above or below the opening and can cover openings up to 50’-0” w x 20’-0” h.

+Variety of Cladding Options
All the S-Series doors can be clad with materials up to 15 lbs./square foot in weight. Renlita has worked with a variety of cladding types, and typically if they can engineer an attachment method, there is virtually no limitation to what can be clad. Here are a few examples:

  • Glass (most popular)
  • Wood veneer and slats
  • Metal panels
  • Stone
  • Insulated, prefabricated wall panels
  • Corrugated metals or acrylics
  • Acrylic panels
  • Fabric or felt covered panels
  • Louvers

+Open Position Stacking Options
The S-Series model numbers all pertain to how the door stacks in the open position:

    • S-500 – Liftaway model rides up or down the wall and stores above or below the opening without rotating.
    • S-1000 – Floataway model rotates a full 180 degrees in the opening to store flat under lentil as an undivided single panel. Think of the original garage doors that first entered the market.
    • S-2000 – Hingeway model locates a hinge 1/3 the way down the door height and stacks the top 1/3 of the door behind lentil, with the bottom 2/3 storing flat under lentil.
    • S-3000 – Foldaway model splits the opening in half, and then stores the two door halves flat together, sandwiched, under lentil as a bifold door.

A-750 Model

Renlita’s A-750 model utilizes an aluminum frame to allow it to store completely on the exterior of an opening without any interior projection. This capability makes it an excellent choice for corner applications or locations where interior projection of the door will not work. Due to its aluminum construction, the maximum size is 18’-0” w x 12’-0” h.


The Sovereign door is Renlita’s advancement of sectional door technology. Instead of rolling the door sections back into the room, the Sovereign stacks them behind the lentil like an accordion, greatly reducing the interior projection of the door. The Sovereign door incorporates harmoniously with interior ceilings, lights, sprinklers, and other equipment, as compared with the challenges and expense of creating enough space in the ceiling for conventional sectional door storage.

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