Loading dock and logistics equipment to elevate, lift, and load from a variety of options.

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Loading dock equipment built to last.

Highly Durable Dock Equipment with Structural Steel Construction

In response to lowest price demands, most loading dock equipment manufacturers across the industry have re-designed the structural elements of their equipment by replacing structural steel support components with lighter gauge roll formed steel. The result is a reduction of the structural life of these components, higher ownership costs, and sooner replacement requirements. Poweramp has wisely chosen to elevate themselves beyond the fray, instead maintaining and even elevating product quality, reliability and owner experience over simply cutting costs. The product outlasts all their competition, preventing premature replacement and loss of productivity.

PR Model Hydraulic Leveler

The PR Model Hydraulic Leveler represents the pinnacle of dock leveler quality and innovation. Complete with Poweramp’s best hydraulic motor, cylinders, and design, the PR is built for durability, stability, efficiency, and safety. Their patented Fluid Logic Block maintains smooth hydraulic operation for both the deck lift and lip extension for maximum control. For safety, the PR Dock Leveler comes standard with folding and locking toe guards that protect workers’ feet better than traditional telescoping toe guards. In addition, the dock leveler can effectively power hydraulic truck restraints from its powerful hydraulic pump without having to purchase a dedicated pump for the restraint.

Truck Restraints

Poweramp’s truck restraints lead the industry with their constant pressure ICC bar engagement. Trucks are not permitted to roll forward prior to restraint engagement. This eliminates impact force that can damage or break a truck’s ICC bumper. The purpose of the truck restraint is to prevent a truck from prematurely departing from the dock. Older restraint technology worked by passively placing a hook to hold a truck’s ICC bar; however, without positive pressure, the truck can still move under the loading and unloading operation and even pop loose from the restraint if the trailer is secured without a truck. Positive hooking pressure leaves no additional space for the truck to move, holding it firmly and safely in place. Poweramp’s Power hook does not require a drive mounted box and instead stores under the leveler without any projection off the face of dock. If space cannot be made under the leveler to fit the power hook, the power hold is their surface mounted bar arm that provides the same secure positive pressure on the trailer being loaded or unloaded.

Specialty Solutions

Specialty solutions are another area where Poweramp excels beyond standard pit-style loading dock positions.

  • The Powerspan Bridge provides an excellent raising and lowering bridge that can span between buildings or across railroad spurs.
  • Dock pits are hollow pathways for cold/hot air to pass under the dock position door, through the leveler and into the building. Refrigerated docks especially will excessively leak cold air through this pathway. To answer this challenge, Poweramp developed their vertical storing leveler and the Lizard Lip Leveler. Both pull their leveler back into the door opening, allowing the door to close securely against the floor in lieu of the leveler itself. The vertical stands on end in the space, while the Lizard lip sits in a pit inside of the door opening but extends its lip out across the door opening to reach the truck trailer.