Exterior Folding Glass

Horizontally acting exterior glass systems with a variety of stacking, sliding, folding options.

Versatile and Flexible Spaces to Meet Your Needs

Horizontal folding glass systems that blend interior and exterior/

Bringing the Outside In

Blending interior and exterior environments through large span operable glass openings adds tremendous variability and value to a space. Party capacity can expand and exterior favorable environments, like a cool fall evening, can carry into the interior space while the interior environment takes on the expansive feel of the exterior. The operable glass options vary based on how the panels store once open. The main categories of this solution are:

  • Folding Glass Panels
  • Telescoping Glass Panels
  • Horizontal Sliding Panels
  • Pivot Glass Panels
Folding Glass Panels

Folding glass panels utilize a single line of ceiling and floor track, with the panels folding perpendicular to the track in a combined or split stack at each side of the opening within the clear opening itself. The panels can be top-supported or bottom-supported depending on site constraints and are typically smaller in width compared to telescoping or pivot panel systems due to their cantilevered storage arrangement.

Telescoping Glass Panels

Telescoping Glass Panels line up on parallel tracks, moving them one at a time in a staggered line across the opening. Their main advantage is larger clear open glass panels with less vertical interruption to the glass. Panels can also store out of the opening in a pocket, fully opening the visual plan when open. These are provided either as multi-slide panels with fixed rolling pins under the panels or lift and slide systems that raise up onto bottom rollers and then set down onto the bottom track to close (the latter provides the best weather seal).

Horizontal Sliding Panels

Horizontal Sliding Panels operate individually and have the most adaptable storage arrangement that allows panels to not only pull out of the opening but relocate remotely to nearby available space for storage.

Pivot Glass Panels

Pivot Glass Panels operate onto a permanently attached bottom pin that allows the panels to spin 90 degrees to an open perpendicular position. Like the telescoping glass panels, Pivot Panels are typically wider with more clear glass square footage.

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