EVO-Doors from Renlita

Vertical lifting, electronic actuator driven, turnkey & custom engineered solutions to bring the outside in.

The Next Evolution in Vertical Lift Solutions

Transform your home, office, restaurant, or building to instantly open interior or exterior walls and blend spaces with the push of a button.

Custom Opening Solutions

Evo-doors are engineered and designed for the needs of each opening.  No standard sizes here, we will build to meet your needs!

Two Models to Choose From (Click Logo for Technical Brochures):

Always Turnkey

All EVO-Doors are furnished turnkey – Renlita provides the door, powder coating, and the cladding materials specified as a complete system.  Maxson will take care of the installation and be there to service the doors for the long run.   With Maxson acting as the dedicated EVO distributor, you do not have to worry about issues with warranty coverage, finger pointing from bad installation, or unaccountable service providers who do not have a long term commitment to the manufacturer.  We have you covered!

Multiple Sizes and Colors

Maximum size is 12′-0″w x 8′-0″ for the EVO-VUE, and 10′-0″w x 10′-0″h for the EVO-WAVE.  Minimum sizing is 4′-0″w x 4′-0″h – everything in between is exactly the size you need.  EVO-Doors are finished in powder coat with a variety of color options and the ability to custom match colors if needed.


Touch Screen Controls

Operate one door, or multiple doors, from a single touch screen control panel with an easy to use interface.  The custom brushed aluminum cover provides an excellent finished appearance to the controller.

Integrated Screens

EVO-Doors can be integrated with sun blocking shades or insect screens to ensure the openings are protected against the elements.  Bring the right amount  outside in!

Insulated Thermal Protection

Glazing profiles up to 1″ thickness with Low-E Coated Insulated Glazing Units help to ensure the EVO-Door effectively blocks out the hot and cold elements when closed.

More Information on Options:

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