McKeon Launches UL10B-Tested Fabric Fire Curtains

by Maxson Associates|April 15, 2021

McKeon Launches New Fabric Fire Curtain Tested to UL10B with a Hosestream!

Meet the FireFighter Model D400

Fabric Fire Curtains have a lot of advantages when it comes to their light weight and compact storage (as compared to a traditional steel coiling fire door), but have been limited in where we can use them due to previous curtain’s inability to pass the integrity (hose-stream) portion of the UL10B fire test.  As a result, they were tested to UL10D, and put into a specific and limited group of openings that can be protected by a UL10D rated product per the International Building Code.

The D400 expands our capability beyond smoke partitions and 20 minute UL10B openings, to now being able to protect openings in a 2 hour fire wall or fire barrier! Check out this video for more information:

All in all, this has been a capability we have long wanted out of fire rated curtains, and now, we are thrilled to be able to offer this solution to help solve design and construction dilemmas to meet the requirements of the building code!

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