EVO-Doors Introduces EVO-WAVE Collection

by Maxson Associates|January 27, 2021

The Next Opening Solution EVO-lution: The EVO-WAVE


Renlita has launched its newest version of the EVO-Door, which takes the same electric actuator driven vertical lift door platform as the EVO-VUE, this time with a bi-fold structure!  The result is less exterior projection and the capability to provide taller openings (10′-0″w x 10′-0″h maximum size for the EVO-WAVE vs. 12′-0″w x 8′-0″h maximum size for the EVO-VUE).

The product stores completely to the exterior of the opening, like the EVO-VUE, allowing for easy incorporation of insect screens or air curtains.  Bring the right amount of outside in!

Exterior horizontally folding glass panels can be cumbersom to operate and require alot of maintenance.  Instead of fighting to manuever panels into place, dropping manual floor pins, and especially keeping the track free of debris; AUTOMATE!  Operate both your verically lifting EVO-Door and screen from the same controller with the push of a button!

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